Digital Forensics Training

Advanced Amped FIVE training modules

Have you completed the Forensic Image and Video Enhancement with Amped FIVE training and want to further develop specific skills? You can! Amped Software offers four Advanced Amped FIVE training modules with each its own specific topic. The topics available are: Video Evidence Presentation, Measurements and Speed Estimation, File Analysis and DVR Conversion and Amped FIVE Update.

For whom are the modules intended?
These modules are intended for users who are already familiar with Amped FIVE and want to expand their knowledge. Preferably, the participant has also completed the Forensic Image and Video Enhancement with Amped FIVE training. 

What will you learn during the training modules?
Each module covers a different topic:

  • Module 1 - Video Evidence Presentation
    This module is intended for any Amped FIVE user who uses Amped FIVE to perform annotations, edits and presentations in a professional, simple and effective manner. Of course, while maintaining a thorough forensic workflow. Topics covered include: Annotation Filter, Video Mixer, Timeline, Multiview and Picture in Picture.
  • Module 2 - Measurements and Speed Estimation
    This module is suitable for investigators and digital detectives who perform measurements, photogrammetry and speed analysis during their crash investigations. Course topics include the Amped FIVE Measurement (Measure 1D, Measure 2D and Measure 3D) and the Speed Estimation tool. This includes all the tools, concepts and procedures needed to perform the analyses with precision. Topics discussed are: Timestamps, Presentation Timestamp (PTS), type measurements and Speed Estimation filter.
  • Module 3 - File Analysis and DVR Conversion
    This is an intermediate level module that focuses on tools and techniques needed to perform forensically sound video extraction from CCTV and other video storage systems with Amped FIVE. It zooms in on the video encoding and decoding process and how a forensic acquisition should be performed. Topics covered include: Fallback procedures, DVR conversion, Macroblocks analysis and forensic acquisition of multimedia content.
  • Module 4 - Amped Five Update
    This is an expert level module and is suitable for experienced Amped Software users that want to be up to date with the latest product developments. As such, the new features and filters will of course be covered.

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