Cryptocurrency Training

Chainalysis Cryptocurrency Fundamentals (CCFC)

During the “Chainalysis Cryptocurrency Fundamentals (CCFC)” training, the participants learn the fundamental knowledge about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Then, using this knowledge, participants will learn to utilise blockchain explorers while investigating Bitcoin transactions.

For whom is this training intended?
The Chainalysis Cryptocurrency Fundamentals Certification (CCFC) training is suitable for anyone without basic knowledge of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Participants may come from the National Police and other investigative and security services, financial institutions (CDD, KYC, AML), private investigators and more.

What do you learn during the training?
At the end of this four-day training (four half-day sessions), the participant will be able to recognise the value and context of cryptocurrencies in relation to the traditional financial system. The participant has learned the underlying technique of blockchain technology on which cryptocurrencies operate. After the training, he/she will know how Bitcoin works and will have gained knowledge about the most commonly used Altcoins. In addition, he/she can evaluate the ecosystem, identify key actors and is aware of regulatory and privacy developments. With the acquired knowledge, the participant is able to perform basic blockchain analyses.

All training courses can be given in Dutch or English; in both classroom and online form.

The participant must take an exam and obtain a score of at least 75%. The exam will be taken at the end of day four. This training offers all the knowledge needed to successfully complete the exam. The training includes one retake.

Please contact us for more information about this training. 

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