Cyber Security Workshops

Workshop Cybercrime and Cyber Security Awareness

Ransomware, data breaches and phishing are commonplace. The question is not if you will be affected, but when. A data breach at another organisation does not mean that your organisation can sit back and relax. An important step in preventing victimisation by cybercrime is making employees aware of how to act.

For whom is this training intended?
The Cybercrime and Cyber Security Awareness workshop consists of one day of three training sessions, each lasting two hours, in order to make the various groups of employees within an organisation aware or more aware of cybercrime. The emphasis is shifted per session, depending on the function/job group of the participants.

What do you learn during the training?
Each training session looks at the trends of cybercrime, but also at relevant legislation including the GDPR. The goal of the workshop is to make the participants more resilient, to give them insight in how to act, but also to make them aware of their responsibilities and how this relates to other parts of the organisation. There is also plenty of room for interaction; participants can ask questions, and statements and/or dilemmas are used.

The topics covered in the training sessions include:

  • Cybercrime (actors, motivation, objectives).
  • Risks to the organisation/employee.  
  • (Practical) Measures.
  • Relevant legislation (GDPR and more).

The intention is to make the individual employee aware of his/her position in the defence and fight against cyber crime within the organisation.

A maximum of 25 participants can register per session. It should be taken into account here that groups are homogeneous in terms of work.

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