Cybercrime Training

Cybercrime Professional

The rise in cybercrime has been substantial in recent years. This rise is part of the reason for the Dutch Public Prosecutions and police departments increase dedication to combating this type of crime. The police have established various “cybercrime” teams, as well as a “hacking” and “dark web” team. The investigators working in a cybercrime team deal with complex cybercrime investigations. This course focusses on providing investigators with the knowledge needed about complex cybercrime investigations.

For whom is this training intended?
This course is intended for investigators who structurally deal/ come into contact with both simple and complex cybercrime investigations. Participants are recommended to complete the Cybercrime Investigations and Cybercrime Advanced courses successfully before taking part in this course.

What do you learn during the training?
After completing this course, participants will be able to chart and investigate (more) complex cybercrime processes. In addition to tracking cyber criminals, the disruption of a cybercrime process may also be a desired outcome. Therefore, this training also covers Public-Private Collaborations and out of the box-thinking. Topics covered as part of this course include:

  • Current cybercrime trends and developments.
  • International authorities and legal frameworks with regard to cybercrime.
  • Investigating the back-ends of, for example, phishing websites or online stores.
  • Conducting digital forensic investigations of an impounded server.
  • Conducting basic investigations into a cryptocurrency trail using a ransomware casus.
  • Charting and disrupting a cybercrime process.
  • Working with virtualisation, using tools like Linux Command Line and KALI Linux.

Cybercrime Badge
When you have completed an Cybercrime training at DataExpert, you will receive besides a diploma or certificate also a digital badge. This badge is easy to integrate on social media platforms like LinkedIn and is linked to your profile through the present metadata. 

This course is part of the Cybercrime & Teams training trajectory that also includes the Investigations and Advanced courses. The training is supported through DataExpert’s e-learning platform. where participants can learn the theory through both text and short videos. The course is taught in English, and can be offered in both online and frontal-teaching formats.

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