Digital Forensics Training

Hansken Advanced training

Hansken is a forensic data analysis platform widely used within the criminal investigation community. The platform supports analysts and digital investigators in accessing digital evidence, quickly searching and creating insights into the data encountered and mapping possible traces.

During the hands-on Hansken Advanced training, digital investigators and analysts learn to work with Hansken's advanced functionalities. They do this using a case study with real-life examples. The focus of the training is on the technical user interface (Hansken Expert UI).

Who is this training for?
This three-day training is suitable for analysts and digital forensics experts who want to expand their knowledge around Hansken to include its more advanced functionalities. It is recommended that participants in this training have completed the Hansken Intermediate training or have already gained considerable experience with Hansken during their work.

What do you learn during the training?

  • How Hansken extracts traces from digital evidence
  • Further examining and interpreting identified traces
  • Performing complex searches and advanced queries with the trace model and query language
  • Processing evidence (chain of evidence) and recording the process (chain of custody)
  • Available tools and statistics
  • Working with the case operator
  • Visualisation options
  • Reporting options
  • Basic scripting and extraction plug-ins

Other information
This training is given in a classroom form and can be given in Dutch or English. Given the hands-on nature of the training, participants will have access to the Hansken practice environment.

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