Cyber Security Workshops

Incident Response Readiness Workshop

If you are affected by a cyber incident, your organisation must be prepared to act quickly and appropriately. This can significantly limit (financial) damage. To prepare your organisation for such a situation, DE-CERT offers the Incident Response Readiness workshop.

What do you learn during the workshop?
During this two-hour workshop, an Incident Manager from DataExpert will guide you and your colleagues through the world of Incident Response. Topics covered include;

  • The course of a cyber attack.
  • What Incident Response entails.
  • What a forensic investigation entails and what it delivers.
  • Everything surrounding ransomware payments.
  • The role of the Police and the Dutch Data Protection Authority.
  • Internal and external impact of a cyber crisis.
  • Short-term and long-term implications.
  • Etc.

Using practical examples, we will give you insight into the working methods of our Incident Responders. We show how a thorough Incident Response preparation can contribute to getting your organisation back in business faster. We discuss how we would proceed in the event of a cyber incident in your organisation and also address non-technical topics such as leadership, communication and risk management. You will also receive practical tips to prepare your organisation for a possible incident, we provide you the tools to take action regarding insight and risks, and together we will draw up an incident roadmap for how to act in the event of a cyber attack in your organisation.

Would you like more information about the Incident Response Readiness Workshop? Please contact us.

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