Analytics Training

Maltego Basic training

Maltego is one of the most widely used OSINT tools worldwide for collecting, connecting and analysing online public information. The software is characterised by its graphical link analysis interface and the many transforms that allow the integration of other tooling through API access, including Virus Total, PiPl, ShadowDragon, Att&ck and more.

Additionally, exported data from i2 Analyst's Notebook can be enriched using Maltego and further analysis can then take place in i2 Analyst's Notebook based on data obtained from Maltego.

During the two-day Maltego Basic training course, participants are provided with the necessary tips, tricks and hands-on experience, so that they learn to use the software effectively during investigations in the field of OSINT, due diligence or Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI).

The training is given in an interactive way, in which theory and practice are alternated. Topics are explained, after which the participants practice them independently or in pairs by means of assignments or cases.

For whom is this training intended?
This training is intended for users who have little or no experience with the use of Maltego software or who want to refresh their knowledge.

What do you learn during the training?

  • The operation and installation of Maltego.
  • OpSec (Operational Security) & Maltego.
  • Working with the Maltego user interface.
  • The effective collection of data with Maltego (entities & collections).
  • The operation of (and working with) machines and transforms.
  • Gaining insight between standard hubs/ transforms versus commercial hubs/ transforms and the impact on the investigation.
  • Import and export data with Maltego.
  • How to conduct a targeted investigation with Maltego.

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