OSINT training

OSINT Onl1ne G4ming 

The online gaming community is growing faster than ever. There are more than 715 million gamers in Europe alone (source: Ipsos - 2022). As a result, more and more platforms have emerged or evolved in recent years to support these online communities. However, these platforms are also increasingly used by (cyber) criminals to support criminal activities, such as exploitation, money laundering, fraud or hacking. Unnoticed, millions of euros are circulating in this relatively invisible world.

For many investigators this is a new (virtual) world in which investigative opportunities arise, provided they know how to use them. During the training, topics such as terminology, online communities such as Reddit, underground (gaming) markets and platforms such as Twitch are covered.

So, whether you're an online gaming n00b or a pro with serious skills, this training led by one of our dungeon masters will have you safely farm your XP to take OSINT skills to the next level.

Who is this training intended for?
This two-day training is suitable for anyone who uses the internet in (criminal) investigations, including the police, defense and other investigative and security services, thematic investigators, analysts at banks (CDD, KYC, AML), insurers, private investigators and more.

We advise participants to successfully complete the OSINT Basic and OSINT Advanced training before attending this training.

What do you learn during the training?
At the end of the OSINT Online Gaming training, the participants have gained insight into the most popular online gaming platforms and the associated communities and social media platforms. The participant recognizes the detection opportunities and challenges that such an investigation entails and knows how to use them if possible. In addition, the participant is able to conduct research on various online gaming platforms and report the findings.

OSINT badge
When you have completed this OSINT training at DataExpert, you will receive a digital badge in addition to a certificate. This badge is easy to integrate on social media such as LinkedIn and is linked to your profile due to the metadata present.


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