OSINT Training

OSINT training trajectory

In recent years, OSINT has become an important tool for information and data acquisition. However, it applies to more than just the internet, and goes beyond a simple search engine query. This training trajectory offers participants a broad range of competences. It teaches them to plan and perform a complete OSINT investigation from beginning to end, to interpret the information obtained in the correct context, and to report on the findings – independent of tools and using their own skillset.

The OSINT training trajectory comprises three individual courses with each course further increasing knowledge levels and expanding on competences. It covers all aspects of OSINT, both in terms of methodology and technique.

The content of this trajectory comprises the following courses:

Courses are consecutive, but are scheduled individually to allow participants to process the material and reflect between courses. This process of reflection can be facilitated with the information on the e-learning platform, or by applying the knowledge from the courses to practice. In addition, it is also possible to complete one or two of the courses in the trajectory if this is adequate for the participant’s job description.

Each course is individually accredited by SPEN/CPION. This means that, upon successful completion of one of these courses, the participant will obtain the associated recognised title and diploma. 

For whom is this training intended?
This trajectory is suitable for anyone using the internet for investigations, including police and other investigations and safety services, thematic reviewers, bank analysts (CDD, KYC, AML) and private investigators.

What do you learn during this training trajectory?
After completing the OSINT Basic, Advanced and Technical courses, participants will be able to plan, conduct, and report in simple and (more) complex OSINT investigations, while keeping an eye on potential harm risks and their own safety. Participants will also be able to construct their tools to perform investigations based using their own skillset. For more detailed course contents, please refer to the individual courses.

When you have completed an OSINT training at DataExpert, you will receive besides a diploma or certificate also a digital badge. This badge is easy to integrate on social media platforms like LinkedIn and is linked to your profile through the present metadata. 

The courses in this trajectory are supported through the DataExpert e-learning platform, where participants can learn the theory through both text and short videos. In addition, the courses can be offered in both online and frontal-teaching formats.

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