Digital Forensics Training

Oxygen Forensic Bootcamp Training (OFBC)

The focus of this three-day training is on analysing the data and creating a report with Oxygen Forensic Detective. Data extraction from a mobile device is only dealt with globally in this training. Participants will learn how to import and analyse extractions from Android, Apple and other data types.

For whom is this training intended?
This practical three-day training is intended for participants who already have basic knowledge of acquiring and analysing mobile devices such as smartphones and iPads.

What do you learn during the training?
This training is a mix of theoretical and practical sessions and concludes with an exercise in which a major case is examined. This involves the following aspects:

  • Installation and configuration of the Oxygen Forensic Detective software.
  • Interpretation of the user interface.
  • Extraction and import options of the software.
  • How to interpret the data.
  • Investigation of categories such as calls, contacts and accounts.
  • Analysis of the timeline, social media and photos.
  • Understanding the ‘Key Evidence Manager’.
  • Categorisation of faces (Facial recognition).
  • Other Oxygen tooling such as Oxygen Maps, Oxygen Cloud Extractor etc.
  • Keyword Search.
  • Searching for Wi-Fi connections and locations.
  • Searching for passwords and tokens.
  • How to deal with backups.
  • Data export and reporting functionality.

At the end of this training the participants will have insight into the possibilities of the Oxygen Forensic Detective platform. The participants have acquired knowledge about extracting data from devices (iOS, Android and KaiOS), extractions from cloud services, jailbreaking and more. In addition, they gain insight into all analysis options in the platform and how this can be processed in a report.

Digital Forensics Badge
When you have completed this Digital Forensics training at DataExpert, you will receive besides a diploma or certificate also a digital badge. This badge is easy to integrate on social media platforms like LinkedIn and is linked to your profile through the present metadata. 

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