Cyber Security Workshops

Workshop Security Discovery

If you are affected by a cyber incident, your organisation must be prepared to act quickly and appropriately. This can significantly limit (financial) damage. But where do you stand today, both technically and in terms of process? What is your baseline? During this three-hour workshop, a specialist from DataExpert will guide you and your colleagues through the world of Cyber Security.

For whom is this training intended?
This training course is intended for (IT) technical team members and management who want to determine their baseline and want to know where their cyber risks are.

What do you learn during the training?

  • Course of a cyber attack.
  • Technical and process measures.
  • Working with security frameworks (e.g. NIST, CIS, GDPR, ISO27000).
  • Measures to be implemented immediately.

Based on the attack methodology of cyber criminals, we provide you with insight into the techniques and processes that you can use to realise quick wins. Here we answer questions such as: Where does your organisation stand at the moment, what is the benchmark, which actions have (and haven’t) you already defined? What is business-critical and for which department?

We also discuss what possibilities and impossibilities security frameworks offer your organisations and we provide direct pragmatic advice in the field of people, process and technology. This results in an interview report with short and long-term guidance for your organisation and immediately executable actions.

Additional information
This workshop is taught in English. For a successful workshop, it is important that it can take place physically and the organisation is requested to share information with us prior to the session.

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