To get the most complete picture of current and future trends in FEC, we interviewed several financial crime, cybercrime, cryptocurrency and OSINT experts. Read the outcome of these interviews in this whitepaper. Read more

In tackling subversion, municipalities play an important role. But as a municipality, how can you convert available data into useful intelligence in accordance with laws and regulations? In this whitepaper, we describe how the municipality of Leiden does this. Read more

In this whitepaper, we delve into the working methods of a specialised unit within the Dutch Ministry of Defence that deals with collecting data from data carriers and correlating and analysing it. Their goal is to turn this information into actionable intelligence. Read more

Suppose you are working on an investigation with multiple colleagues, regularly exchanging information. You are provided with the most elaborate charts, filled with colours and lines. Occasionally, you may wonder about the significance of the colours and lines in the chart. In such situations, a small legend can make all the difference. Read more

In analyses, it may happen that you want to reuse a query often to search and query your data, but it needs to be slightly different each time. Things like the date or the name of a person or organisation, for instance. It can be time consuming to re-enter the query each time. iBase offers two different options so you don't need to, and you can perform your analyses easier and with fewer actions. Read more

iBase offers many different import functionalities: from single text files and images, to bulk import of large amounts of structured data and the possibility to merge files. Plenty of features for analysts to get started with! Read more

EncroChat and Anom were two services used by criminals worldwide to communicate with each other. Both services were eventually infiltrated by the police. This yielded as many as 127 million messages hiding valuable intelligence. But how do you find useful information in 127 million chat messages? Read more

What are the most important tools in the toolkit of an anti-fraud/crime/intelligence analyst? Gut feeling? Pen and paper? Algorithms? As far as DataExpert is concerned (what's in a name), data should be at number one in that list or at least in a shared first place. Read more

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