Cyber Security


Many forms of online fraud are facilitated by a phishing panel. We will explain how a phishing panel works and what investigation opportunities are involved in more detail in this blog. Read more

Whereas traditional malware is often detected by analysing executable programme files (executable binaries), Fileless Malware works differently. In this article, colleague Nick Joghems explains what Fileless Malware is and how it works. Read more

Recent years have seen an increase in the use of spyware. Read in this article written by colleague Michelle Rasch what spy apps are, how they are used and how you can deal with them. Read more

Cybercrime or hacking is often possible through an open port on a computer or server. But what is actually meant by this? And how can you avoid being hacked? In this blog, Sjoerd van der Meulen explains. Read more

Although Social Media is seen by most people as a safe and trustworthy environment, there are still many dangers. Identity fraud is one of the dangers that is becoming more prevalent through Social Media. Read more

When you become a victim of Ransomware, it is important to act correctly. In this blog we will give you some tips on what to do in this stressful situation. Read more 

In addition to identifying a fraudulent e-mail through certain characteristics, discussing the company culture and continuously improving the established business processes is also very important in the fight against CEO Fraud. Read more

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