General Training Conditions


DataExpert is registered with the CRKBO (Central Register for Short Professional Education). This means that our training is exempt from 21% VAT. Our software training courses are provided at DataExpert in a modern, specially equipped IT environment. Each participant has his own PC with fully adjustable flat screen during training. The group consists of a maximum of 8 to 12 people, so that optimal guidance is possible both in class and individually. The training can also be given on location at the customer

Lunch and breaks

Coffee, tea and soft drinks are provided free of charge during the training and during the breaks. Lunch is also provided by DataExpert. If you have specific requirements for this, please let us know. Lunch costs are included in the total price.


With the help of the registration form you can specify one or more participants for our training courses. After receiving your application we will send you a confirmation within 2 working days.

For more information about training, you can contact DataExpert by calling: +31 (0) 318 543173.

Confidential information

All information provided by customers is confidential for DataExpert, our employees and teachers. Our teachers have signed a "Confidentiality Statement" which can be requested by the customer at any time.

Pass-through of the training costs at

Not attend a training without signing off 100%

Cancel / reschedule 1 day in advance 100%

Cancel / reschedule 1 week in advance 75%

Cancel / reschedule 1-2 weeks in advance 50%

Cancel / reschedule 2-4 weeks in advance 25%

Cancel / reschedule > 4 weeks in advance 0%

If there is insufficient interest, the trainer is ill or other calamities, we reserve the right to move or cancel the training to another date two weeks before the start of the training.

Method of payment

Within 30 days after invoice date and on account.

Respite period

There is a respite period of 14 days after registration in which the training can be canceled free of charge.


The copyright for the Analysis training lies with DataExpert B.V.

The copyright of the Forensic training lies with the suppliers of the software.

Test / exam

If there is a test or final exam, this is stated in the relevant training, as well as in the Participation Certificate after the training.

Complaints procedure training

Of course we do everything we can to carry out our training in the way that you can expect from us. If you are not satisfied about the training, you can let us know by:

  1. Filling out the contact form or send a letter to:    

           DataExpert B.V.

           to the management     

           PO Box 872     

            3900 AW Veenendaal

  1. The received complaint will be confirmed to you by e-mail within 2 working days.
  2. The handling of the complaint is the responsibility of the management of DataExpert.
  3. You can expect a written response within two weeks.
  4. If the complaint is not resolved to the satisfaction of the customer, DataExpert will provide a suitable solution within a period of 4 weeks after submission of the complaint. The customer receives a written confirmation of this.

Appeal procedure complaint

If you are dissatisfied with the execution of the complaint by the management of DataExpert, you can lodge an appeal with Olenz Notarissen. You can do this by:

1. Fill out the contact form or send a letter to: Olenz Notaries regarding mrs. Mr. IM. Cox  Vendelier 2, 3905 PA Veenendaal Postbus 75, 3900 AB Veenendaal

2. The receipt of your appeal will be confirmed to you by e-mail within 2 working days.

3. Olenz Notarissen will give a binding recommendation.

4. The handling is the responsibility of DataExpert and any consequences    for DataExpert will be handled within 2 weeks after the issued advice.

5. All complaints will be treated confidentially at all times. 

Made-to-measure training

In order to satisfy all our customers, we also offer special training sessions on appointment and made-to-measure, in addition to the regular training days and times. In doing so, the customer's needs are responded to as well as possible. For example, special training sessions can be entered and the fixed dates and times can be deviated from. We also provide training on location. For special customer groups even the training material can be adjusted. 

Place and times

The training is given in the training room of DataExpert at the Vendelier 65 in Veenendaal, unless stated otherwise. 

Course times

The course times can vary per course. Depending on the training, it starts at 9:00 or 9:30. You will be informed in time about the start times of the course.

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