Digital Forensics

Digital Forensic Investigations

Every case today contains a digital component. By combining digital investigations with tactical detective work, it is possible to build a stronger case that is often more successful with the judiciary. DataExpert has a team of digital forensic investigators and tactical detectives who are happy to investigate for you.

Below is an overview of our services:

Digital investigation
DataExpert can offer support with patent law investigations, intellectual property theft, embezzlement, corporate espionage and hacking, among others. Our specialists can also investigate alibis and provide second opinions.

Depending on the investigation question, investigators can forensically read, search, secure and copy relevant data from hard drives, smartphones, usb sticks, cloud environments, exchange servers or entire business systems. The information found can then be further analysed in search of possible evidence.

In addition, our experts can often recover data that appears lost. This is possible in case of software problems, as well as in case of fire or other destructive external influences. Besides data recovery, DataExpert can support you in destroying data and data carriers.

Tactical investigation
If your case requires tactical investigation, our specialists can, among other things, carry out observation of people or locations, place cameras, conduct a sweep, map goods movements, and perform physical and digital tracking.  

Conservatory attachment
Besides conducting investigations, DataExpert's services also include conservatory attachment. We can support you with the drafting of the petition to avoid the judgement of “fishing expedition” on the one hand, but on the other hand seize too little. Our experts advise bailiffs on the approach to be taken during the execution of the order and take responsibility for forensically securing all data assigned in the order. DataExpert is also a judicial custodian.

Besides conservatory attachment, DataExpert is also very experienced with attachments for recovery, especially in the field of Cryptocurrency.

Please contact us for more information. 

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