Falcon NEO

The Falcon NEO creates forensic data copies at a very high speed of over 50 GB per minute for SATA/SSD to approx. 90 GB per minute for cloning from PCIe to PCIe.

When creating copies of data carriers such as hard drives or USB sticks, the speed and integrity of the data is of importance. The Falcon NEO is one of the disk duplicators that meets these two requirements.

In addition to speed, another great advantage of the Falcon NEO is that it consists of a USB boot method. This makes it possible to copy hard drives from laptops without the need to disassemble them.   

The Falcon NEO is specially developed for modern digital investigators and contains all features required to create a forensically correct data copy:

  • Hashing
  • Wiping
  • Copying four source drives to eight target drives
  • Support for the following formats: PCIe SSD, M.2 NVMe, AHCI, SATA, and (Mini) PCIe
  • Imaging to and from network locations via two 10GBe connections
  • Logic, targeted Imaging (optional)
  • Write-blocked preview and triage can be done directly on the Falcon NEO
  • Verification starts during the copying process. This reduces the time it takes to create the entire copy by half.
  • Remote operation of the device via a web interface
  • Support for SATA, USB, FireWire, IDE and optionally SAS drives

For more information about Falcon Neo you can whach the video below or contact us. 

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