Magnet Forensics

The Magnet Digital Investigation Suite

The amount of data and complexity of evidence in a digital investigation continues to increase, while time is scarce. The Magnet Digital Investigation Suite has been specially designed to enable rapid but above all effective, secure and transparent collaboration during an investigation.

The Magnet Digital Investigation Suite consists of three powerful solutions that can be used individually or in an integrated fashion to speed up the processing of evidence. The components are:

  • Magnet AUTOMATE: an automation platform that leverages a lab's existing hardware and software tools to create standardised workflows and process data. All without the intervention of a digital investigator. This results in saving many man-hours. Click here for more information about Magnet AUTOMATE.
  • Magnet REVIEW: a web platform that unlocks digital evidence, so that it can be viewed and shared securely anywhere using a web browser with no technical knowledge required. The major advantage is that the evidence found can be assessed in one uniform case file. Moreover, physical distance is no longer a limiting factor and the platform promotes more efficient collaboration. Click here for more information about Magnet REVIEW.
  • Magnet ATLAS: a case management system. With the help of this software, digital investigators can keep track of lead times and the deployment of people and resources via a simple web interface. Click here for more information about Magnet ATLAS.

In short, by using Magnet Digital Investigation Suite:

  • you improve the efficiency of your investigations.
  • you can share data and collaborate from any location.
  • you work safely and transparently and you limit the risks.
  • You use lab and case analysis for data-driven decision-making.

Want more information about the Magnet Digital Investigation Suite? Please contact us.

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