Mobile Forensics


MSAB has a large number of product variants for extracting, analysing and managing the data of mobile devices. The best-known one is XRY. XRY copies, restores and analyses data from mobile devices in an accurate way. They also offer solutions to investigate cloud environments and the Internet of Things.

Where in 1984, the company was focused on mobile communication, over time, they started focusing on the forensic recovery of mobile data. The mobile forensics solutions offered by MSAB work together well and support the work process of the users. The integrity of the data is secured through the use of hashing techniques. The processes for this are fully traceable.

MSAB provides the abovementioned software solutions for different hardware platforms:

  • MSAB Office: The all-in-one mobile forensic system for investigating mobile devices such as smartphones and iPads in digital forensic research labs with XRY as the main software application
  • MSAB Field: A complete solution for mobile units such as peacekeeping missions of the United Nations and for investigators who conduct investigations on location and investigate mobile devices.
  • MSAB Kiosk: A turnkey solution that can quickly extract data from mobile devices according to a fixed protocol. It is a device with software solutions designed for first responders. The kiosk comes with a Touch screen interface.
  • MSAB Tablet: The mobile variant of the MSAB Kiosk. With the Tablet, too, you can extract data from mobile devices according to a fixed protocol.

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