DataExpert will gladly support you in your investigation and answer your investigation questions. We are an officially recognised private investigation firm in the Netherlands (POB number 1773, issued by the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security). As an investigation firm, we are available for business-2-business as well as public-private collaborations. The Investigations team has extensive knowledge and skills and can help you with forensics, analysis, cyber crime, cyber security, cryptocurrency and OSINT issues.

Forensic investigation
Our forensic experts have the right skills, experience, software and hardware to secure data and create forensic images of different data carriers. Some examples of data carriers we can help you with are: hard drives, smartphones, USB sticks, cloud environments and exchange servers. Even data that appears to be lost can often still be recovered by our specialists. We then provide you and your organisation with the secure data in a smart, appropriate and well-thought-out manner so that you can quickly search and analyse this data.

Analysis support
In addition to securing and collecting data, triage and making forensic copies, our expert analysis employees can also analyse and visualise structured and unstructured data using recognised and advanced visualisation and analysis tools. This allows you to gain insight into large amounts of data surrounding things like fraud, (financial) crime and subversion.

OSINT services & Cyber Crime investigation
The Investigations team of DataExpert also has the right research tools and highly trained employees with technical knowledge and skills to conduct thorough OSINT, Cyber Crime or Cryptocurrency investigations. Would you like to carry out continuous social media monitoring of a brand or person or perform a screening? That is also possible.

We perform the above Investigation services both directly for clients, but we are also available as a digital/cyber specialist for investigation firms. 

Would you like more information or do you need help with an investigation? Then definitely contact us.


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