Digital Forensics Training

Advanced Flasher Box & Bootloader Forensics

During this five-day hands-on training, investigators will learn how to decrypt and read the memory of mobile devices using the most common Flasher Box and Bootloader tools. This technique is particularly useful where standard tooling is not sufficient. This method can be used on high-end Android devices such as Samsung smartphones, as well as on simple mobile phones with MediaTek or Chinese chipsets.

Flasher Box
During this part of the training, the students get an overview of the most common Flasher Box tools. In addition, the students will start installing and using these tools themselves. This involves the use of various models that may be kept after the end of the training.

During this part of the training, students will learn how to access partitions on mobile devices for unlocking or bypass purposes. You will learn how to apply ADB Commands, how to identify and bypass FRP locks on a mobile phone, how to use CWM and TWRP to unlock a mobile device and to access or copy the memory.

For whom is this training intended?
This training is intended for investigators who have experience in the field of Mobile Forensics and want to increase their knowledge in the field of analysis of mobile devices.

What do you learn during the training?
At the end of this training, participants will be able to independently access and decrypt mobile devices using advanced techniques. After completion, each student will receive a complete Flasher and Unlock kit consisting of an NCK dongle, an XTC clip with Y-cable and an EFT dongle.

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