About us

DataExpert strives to reduce and solve (cyber) crime and fraud, as well as securing systems and data. To stay ahead of crime, DataExpert joins forces with its customers and partners. In part due to selecting and delivering the right software and hardware from internationally recognised suppliers and by training the users in properly applying these products, “the crooks” are caught and “the innocents” are protected.

In today’s society, many traces are left via mobile phones, tablets, social media and other technology. This means that a growing amount of data belongs to every (digital) crime scene. This data is forensically secured and analysed using the products provided by DataExpert.

Where data can be used to resolve a question surrounding a crime scene, it also needs to be protected to prevent abuse by criminals. The security solutions offered by DataExpert helps you secure your systems and data. These include solutions like security products, training, awareness workshops and recommendations.

Our customers are trained by DataExpert in conducting investigations in the field of (cyber) crime, OSINT and fraud prevention with the help of specialised technology. The digital forensic, analytical, e-Discovery and security products then enable them to properly conduct their own investigations or secure systems and data.

To be able to provide the right technology and knowledge, DataExpert is always working on identifying customer needs in the market, keeping track of existing and upcoming trends and finding new products. Besides the right software and hardware products and training, DataExpert also continuously invests in its team of experts. This is done through (product) training, trade fairs, conferences and customer visits. Hiring staff from the field at the department of defence, police, local governments or IT companies also contributes to this.  

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