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Privacy Statement 

What is the purpose of this Privacy Statement?
Our privacy statement is meant to explain in a simple and clear way what personal information we collect about you and how we process it. This statement applies to the following persons:

  • All former, existing and potential customers of DataExpert. We are legally required to store your personal information, even for a certain period after you are no longer a customer.
  • Everyone involved in a transaction with our organisation, whether personally or as a representative of a legal person.

What is personal information?
With personal information, we mean all information that tells us something about you or that we link to you. For instance, this could be your name, e-mail address, phone number, etc.

How do we obtain this information?
You share personal information with us when you become a customer, subscribe to our newsletter, fill out an online form, sign a contract, use our products or services or contact us via one of our communication channels.

What do we do with personal information?
We only use your personal information based on the following legal principles:

  • to conclude and execute an agreement with you;
  • improving our services: used for internal testing purposes, troubleshooting and acceptance testing;
  • based on your permission. You can withdraw this permission at any time.

With whom do we share information and why?
To make the use of software solutions and consultancy services possible, we share certain information outside DataExpert. We always make sure that third parties only have access to personal information that is necessary for their specific services.
When we share your personal information internally or with third parties in other countries, we always provide appropriate safeguards to protect this information.

What are your rights?
If your personal information is processed, you also have privacy rights. We of course respect these. The more specific you are with your request, the better we can process your question. We may ask you to identify yourself. We do this to ensure that nobody else is trying to exercise your rights.

We strive to respond to your request as soon as possible. Sometimes, this can take up to a month (if legally permitted). Of course, the personal data we use is and remains yours. That is why you also have the right to view, change, remove, limit or transfer the data we have of you.

How long do we store personal information?
We store your personal information for as long as they are needed for the purposes for which they were collected. In addition, there are legal retention periods. As a general rule, we store personal information of our customers for the duration that someone is a customer. With persons who were never a customer, we store the information for one year. After this period, it is removed or it can be stored anonymously.

Contact and questions about privacy
After reading this Privacy Statement, do you still have questions about how we use your personal information? Then please send an e-mail to our Privacy Officer. The address is

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