Incident Response 24/7

Got hacked? Ransomware? Call DataExpert!

A disruption to business continuity is always undesirable, especially if it is caused by a cyber attack. Have you been affected? DataExpert helps! Call +31 (0) 800 -1660.

DataExpert Cyber Emergency Response Team (DE-CERT)
In situations where you are confronted with ransomware, data access restriction, data theft/data breach or other forms of cybercrime, DataExpert is available to you 24/7.

DE-CERT consists of a multidisciplinary team with broad knowledge, skills and experience in carrying out Incident Response, which can be deployed worldwide. DE-CERT quickly identifies the risks and consequences of an incident and coordinates the associated actions with the aim of getting your organisation back in business as quickly as possible. The employees at our lab in Veenendaal have the necessary safety screenings. DataExpert is a private investigation agency (POB) recognised by the Ministry of Justice and Security, registered under number: 1773.

Procedures and methods
After you have contacted DE-CERT, a meeting is scheduled immediately to assess the situation (the triage phase):

  • What has been affected?
  • What are the immediate risks?
  • What are the short-term and long-term implications?

You will immediately receive recommendations and actions to limit further damage, and a Coordinator will be assigned as your permanent contact person.

Priorities are then set, the decision-making and consultation structure is set up, and the work on restoring the business environment is started. All with the aim of getting your organisation back to work as soon as possible. This is achieved by verifying that the security is in order on the one hand, and by carrying out a forensic investigation of the affected systems on the other.

Besides technical support to your (IT) administrators and business support to your board and management, DE-CERT does more:

  • Advice on internal and external communications (including sample documents).
  • Support in making a report to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.
  • Assistance in reporting the incident to the Police.
  • Contacting cyber insurance.
  • Conducting ransomware negotiation.
  • Cryptocurrency payment support.
  • Performing Deep/Dark Web monitoring.
  • Etc.

Each investigation is completed with a thorough factual investigation report under execution of POB number 1773.

Contact us
In case of emergency, call +31 (0)800 – 1660. Do you have other questions about our Incident Response service? Please contact us via the form below. 

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