OSINT Training

OSINT Advanced

Registered OSINT Specialist®

By using Open Source Intelligence, also known as Internet investigation, it is possible to find relevant data from digital open sources during fraud, cyber crime and/or criminal investigations.

During the “OSINT Advanced” follow-up training, the participants learn additional skills required to conduct an in-depth investigation on the Internet. After completing this training, the participants can conduct an extensive investigation on the Internet and the dark web. They can interpret the information they encounter and then verbalise/ report it in the right context.

This training is an accredited SPEN-register training. If you take and successfully complete a final test, you will receive a diploma from the Stichting Permanente Educatie Nederland (SPEN) and you may use the title "Registered OSINT Specialist ®" (in short: ROS). This also means that you will be registered in the graduate register of the Centrum voor Post Initieel Onderwijs Nederland (CPION) and will receive Personal Education (PE) points. The final test is taken outside class hours and can be taken from home or any other desired location. 

For whom is this training intended?
This three-day training course is suitable for anyone who uses the Internet for investigations, including police and other investigative and security services, thematic analysts, analysts at banks (CDD, KYC, AML), private investigators and more.

However, we do advise the participant to first complete the OSINT Basic training successfully.

What do you learn during the training?
At the end of this training, the participant has insight into the possibilities of deeper investigation on the Internet and the dark web. The participant has learnt to make effective use of advanced search techniques, geolocation investigation and has taken advanced steps in investigating on social media (SOCMINT). The participant is also able to set up virtual investigation environments.

When you have completed an OSINT training at DataExpert, you will receive besides a diploma or certificate also a digital badge. This badge is easy to integrate on social media platforms like LinkedIn and is linked to your profile through the present metadata. 

This course is part of the OSINT training trajectory that also includes the Basic and Technical courses. The training is supported through DataExpert’s e-learning platform, where participants can learn the theory through both text and short videos. The course is taught in English, and can be offered in both online and frontal-teaching formats.

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