Fraud management

Anti-Fraud Management for Financial Institutions

Detect real-time fraud on your bank's various online channels.

In the financial world, developments are occurring at a rapid pace. This requires a good balance between ensuring compliance, digital security and a hassle-free customer journey. New technologies and regulations such as cloud computing, AI, open banking and PSD2 are helping the sector move forward, but fraudsters are constantly coming up with new attack techniques.

Why DataExpert?

  • Differentiates itself from most other solutions by informing customers of irregularities before transactions take place.
  • Provides over 100 out-of-the-box detection rules that require no training; the fraud detection works from the moment DetACT™ is activated.
  • The user profiling functionality gradually becomes more accurate and generates actionable alerts after just 48 hours.


Why DetACT™?

Do you recognize the following problems?

  • Fragmentation of people, processes and technology leads to missing links in the kill chain for fraud attempts
  • Insufficient insight into the threat landscape
  • Current preventive measures cannot withstand external pressure
  • The long learning curve means that the skills of fraud teams are lagging behind, making it difficult to counterbalance fraudsters
  • Extremely long decision-making regarding compliance and customer experience

Our solution

DetACT™ is DataExpert's fraud prevention solution. This offers financial institutions 24/7 fraud detection, analysis options and insight into the current threat landscape. DetACT™ is the result of more than ten years of expertise and experience in protecting the reputation of banks by protecting their customers against cyber criminals.

DetACT™ detects, among other things

  • Phishing sites: Real-time detection of phishing URLs before attacks are launched.
  • Bank account hijacking: Real-time detection of fraudsters logging into their victims' bank accounts.
  • WebInject malware and WebFake malware: Real-time detection of 'man in the browser' attacks and attempts to redirect data traffic to fake websites.
  • Business logic abuse: Real-time detection of website and app abuse.
  • Attack plans: Real-time detection of reconnaissance and preparations carried out for phishing and malware attacks.


DetACT™ is an on-site solution that you can easily integrate with your IT infrastructure. DetACT™ is installed directly behind the primary load balancer and SSL offloader, invisible to fraudsters' eyes. The solution captures TCP/IP traffic via a network tap and reconstructs all customer activity within your online channels for real-time detection and analysis. The detection options can be enriched with Client Side Detection and risk scores for data traffic.

DetACT™ automatically sends push notifications when suspicious activity is detected in back-end systems that are part of banks' core infrastructure. This makes it possible to intervene in real time (e.g. block transactions or step-up authentication). These notifications are fully customizable and can be delivered in various formats, such as JSON and email. DetACT™ APIs also ensure smooth integration with other systems and sources that are part of your fraud prevention chain.

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