Analytics Training

Voyager Darknet Intelligence Training

During this training, participants will learn how to search for data and relevant information in Darknet, Darknet Markets and Telegram, without risk of damage, using the Voyager platform by Web-IQ. This platform features a fully web-browser user interface and provides users with functionality for querying, alerts, categorisation, filtering, case management, visualisations and more! It is also possible to search the history of the Darknet.

For whom is this training intended?
This two-day training is suitable for operational/ case analysts, digital investigators and strategic/ tactical analysts who want to enrich their investigation data with information from sources such as the Darknet, the Darknet Markets and Telegram. 

What do you learn during the training?

  • Create data snapshots of raw data and derived datasets.
  • Set up alerts so that a notification is immediately issued when a specific person, ad or event is mentioned or active on specific ad sites or forums.
  • Interpret and analyse the smart dashboards.
  • Use of the Voyager Realtime Scan. This functionality provides automated insights into informal online relationships that are difficult for investigators to find. The scan shows whether people, companies and/or addresses have an online connection by scanning and providing insight into hundreds of websites, social media accounts and forums within seconds.
  • Create network visualisations and interact with data within this platform.
  • Use the extensive search and filter functionalities.

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